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Candlelight at the Inn December 2 & 3

    On Saturday and Sunday, December 2 & 3 from 3-7 pm Garfield Farm Museum will hold its annual Candlelight at the Inn featuring the Homespun Holiday Market in the Atwell Burr House. This open house features the atmosphere of life, as it was known over 160 years ago on the prairie of Illinois.

    The convenience and accessibility the automobile and rapid transportation provide are greatly unappreciated in the twenty first century. Travel in the mid-nineteenth century could only be described as much more hazardous and uncomfortable. Going from one place to another was often limited to times of need, such as business or emigration. One of the few things that travelers had to look forward to, other then getting to their final destination safely was a hopefully clean and warm tavern along the way.  Taverns were often family businesses a traveler would seek for food, a cup of hard cider, a good night?s sleep, and the company of fellow sojourners. Over 41 taverns existed just on the route from Garfield Tavern to Chicago - one about every mile. Only Garfield and the restored Stacy's Tavern in Glen Ellyn survive on that route today

    At the annual Candlelight, dedicated supporters of Garfield Farm Museum give the general public a glimpse into the lives of the settlers of Northern Illinois. While following the candlelit lanterns, people can see the farmyard in its nighttime serenity guiding them to the 1846 Garfield brick tavern. The smell of spiced tea, the sound of a fiddle, and candlelight dancing off the tavern walls, offered visitors the chance to experience the long gone 1840s life on the road.

    The 2nd annual Homespun Holiday Market will be hosted in the Burr House from 12 Noon -7 pm. The Atwell Burr house was moved to the museum and dedicated in 1996 as the museum's headquarters and visitors center.  The market will include handmade brooms, pottery, jewelry, dried wreathes, woodworking, knitting and fiber arts. New this year will be painter Mark Pawl, nature photographer Claire Dassy and the Batavia Woodcarvers. The museum's volunteers will also host the popular homemade bake sale filled with holiday treats. New to the event is a candle making station, where children will be afforded the possibility to make their own candles to bring home with them.

    Donations are appreciated to help with the various costs occurred while running this event. It is because of these donations and support that museum is able to function and provide the public with its educational services. Individuals will also be able to enroll as members of Garfield Farm Museum.

    Garfield Farm Museum is the only historically intact 370-acre, former Illinois prairie farmstead and teamster inn being restored as a 1840s living history farm and inn by volunteers and donors from 37 states. The museum is five miles west of Geneva, IL off IL Route 38 on Garfield Road. For more information call (630) 584-8485 or email

For more information about Garfield Farm send an e-mail message to: or call 630/584-8485.