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CAMPTON HILLS, IL: For 30 years, Garfield Farm Museum has invited heirloom gardening enthusiasts to show off their favorite heirloom flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables at the Heirloom Garden Show. This yearís show will take place on Sunday, August 25h from 11am Ė 4pm. The show highlights the importance of preserving genetic diversity in the very plants that we rely on for food, medicine, and enjoyment. It also provides Midwestern growers with an opportunity to show off and sell their heirloom varieties to the general public and to interact with other gardeners.

For growers that are passionate about their heirlooms it is very important to attend to insure that their cultivars are represented at the show. There is the time and expense of attending the show but how else are interested parties ever going to see these rare varieties? That is why Garfield Farm Museum has invested time and energy beyond any monetary benefits as the Museum knows how important it is to promote this historic genetic diversity.

If you would like to display heirloom varieties at the show, contact the museum at 630-584-8485 or for registration information. There are no fees for exhibitors. Lectures are welcome.

In addition to seeing the exhibitors, visitors can check out the museumís own antique flower garden. There will also be tours of the 1846 Teamster Inn and Tavern and the museumís prairie. There is a $6 donation for adults and $3 for children 12 years and younger.

Garfield Farm Museum is five miles west of Geneva, IL off ILL Route 38 on Garfield Road. The 374 acre museum is supported by donations and is the only surviving historically intact former 1840ís Illinois prairie farmstead and teamster inn being restored as an 1840ís working farm museum.