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Antique Tool Show and Sale
Sunday, August 5  9AM - 1PM

    Members of the Early American Industries Association (EAIA) and the Mid-West Tools Collectors Association (M-WTCA) will be holding their annual Antique Tool Show and Sale at the Garfield Farm Museum on Sunday, August 5 from 9am - 1pm. This is the only joint show by these two organizations in the mid-west open to the public. Over 30 different collectors will have their tools on display and for sale.
    In the past, skilled craftsmen used specific tools for their livelihood and for their survival. These craftsmen, such as coopers and blacksmiths, were indispensable to their communities, and their work was dependant on their tools. Each piece of equipment was vital and had a specific purpose.  As society became more and more mechanized, the need for these craftsman and their tools vanished. By understanding the use of these tools, one can gain an understanding and respect for them.
    Many antique tools most people come in contact with are a mystery. They might not know what the tool was used for or even who or how it was used. Not only can the public view, and even buy the tools at the Antique Tool Show and Sale, the collectors have an understanding and experience that they share with the show’s guests.  
    Most tool organizations hold private shows available only to their members. However, Garfield Farm Museum has opened its gates to host the EAIA and M-WTCA’s annual Antique Tool Show and Sale in order to give the general public the unique opportunity to see and even buy rare antique tools they might never have seen before.  Visitors and novice collectors will find this rare chance to discover the wide variety of collection themes and to learn the value of tools. Many visitors have come to the show with an unknown tool and have left with a wealth of knowledge.
    Tours of the 1846 teamster inn and tavern begin at 11am and continue after the show until 4pm. Refreshments will be available. Admission for adults is $5 and $2 for children 12 years and under.
    Garfield Farm Museum is a historically intact former prairie farmstead and teamster inn being restored by volunteers as a 1840s working farm. The museum is located 5 miles west of Geneva, IL off ILL Rt. 38 on Garfield Road. For more information call (630)584-8485. E-mail us at or visit the website at 

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