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Rarest of Breeds Needed For Show

Owners and breeders of rare livestock, poultry and animals are needed for the 19th annual Rare Breeds Livestock Show and Sale to be held on May 22, 2005 at Garfield Farm Museum. Breeders throughout the Great Lakes and Midwest typically participate.

About the only things becoming rarer than some of the breeds of historic livestock and poultry are breeders of these animals. As more Americans are several generations separated from family farming, fewer people are preserving breeds of domestic animals that humans have depended upon for centuries. The annual Rare Breeds Show at Garfield Farm Museum is an opportunity to increase awareness about these endangered animals and their genetics and bring potential buyers and breeders together.

Many of the exhibitors are members of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, a national organization that provides a network and information on breed status for owners of these rare animals. Many poultry participants are members of the Society of the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities. Both groups recognize the loss of genetic diversity in animals that civilization has depended upon for food, fiber and work. As change inevitably occurs, these rare genetics may well solve future needs.

Exhibitors man their stalls or pens to explain the history of their breeds and can explain behavior and care needs of the animals. Typically, over 60 different breeds of animals are on display from Friesen horses, Devon cattle, Java chickens, Hereford hogs, working dogs, Sebastopol geese, Royal Palm turkeys, Khaki runner ducks, to Jacobs sheep. There is no charge to exhibitors and they are also invited to bring any related products, information or to help give 30 minute lectures during the show.

There is a $6 donation for adults and $2 for children under 13 years of age who come to see the show. Garfield Farm Museum is located 5 between Elburn and Geneva, IL off ILL Rt. 38 on Garfield Road. The 374 acre farm is being restored as an 1840s working farm museum. For information call 630 584-8485 or email



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