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Rare Breeds Show May 18

     On Sunday May 18 at 11 am until 4 pm Garfield Farm Museum will hold its annual Rare Breeds Show. Loren Marceau will shear the museum’s and the show’s sheep. In attendance will be Don Schrider of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy who will conduct an rare chicken breeding and selection seminar on Saturday the 17th from 10 am ? 3 pm. Tours of the 1846 inn will be offered.
The following is a list of animals that plan to attend the show: 

Goats: Fainting Goats, Boer Goats, Nigerian Dwarf, Mini Nubians, Pygmy, 

Horses:  Shires, miniature horses, Dales Pony, Icelandic Horse,  Andalusian Horse, Morgan Horse, Hackney Pony, Paso Fino Horse Mules: various crosses with horse breeds. 

Sheep: Baby Doll South Down Sheep, Jacob Sheep Jacob, Barbados Blackbelly, Dorset, Merino, Romney Sheep

Cattle: Milking Devon oxen, Miniature Hereford 

Chickens : Black Java, White Java, Golden Laced Wyandottee, Buckeye, Turkin, Frizzle, Light Brahmas, Buttercups, Blue Cochins, Americanas/Araucanas, Black Australorps, Barred Hollands, Delwares Pilgrim and Sebastopol geese, Blue Slate Turkey, Wild Turkey, Narrangansett turkeys and Indian Runner Ducks


Canaan Herding dog

English & French Lop and German Angora Rabbits 

Pigs: Old Type Berkshire, New type Berkshire, Vietnamese Potbelly 

For fun: Dutch American cavies guinea pigs.
    There is a $6 donation per adult and $3 for children under 13 years of age. Inglenook Pantry will offer refreshments and food. Garfield Farm Musuem is 5 miles west of Geneva, IL off ILL Rt. 38 on Garfield Road. For information call  630 584-8485 or e-mail,

For more information about Garfield Farm send an e-mail message to: or call 630/584-8485.