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Woodland Wild Flower Walk April 27th

CAMPTON HILLS, IL:  On Saturday April 27th at 9:30 am, Garfield Farm Museum will offer a Woodland Wildflower Walk. With warming temperatures, the spring flowers will be in full bloom before the oak woods leaf out and shade the woodland floor.

    Jerome Johnson, museum biologist, will conduct the walk identifying species, discussing the history of the land and the impact of restoration methods. As this is the first year that most of the 9-acre wooded wetland of Garfield Harley Pond and Woods has been burned, response from the spring ephemerals will be of particular interest. In spite of April snows, the harbinger of spring, bloodroot, is already blooming.

     It is also the first 14 months since a $21,000 challenge grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation underwrote the contracted removal of invasive honeysuckle, burning bush, and buckthorn providing light to the woodland floor.

    In addition, this is the first full year that a fenced off quarter acre will show initial results of limited predation by herbivores. The first hint of this last summer was the presence of flowers on golden jewelweed inside the fence with those outside all browsed by deer. Such fenced off areas give plants a chance to recover and increase seed production that can be harvested for seeding other areas.

  The museum's series of nature hikes reflect the intertwined themes of the museum: history, farming and nature.  Participants should wear appropriate clothing, insect repellant, and walking shoes. The outing will begin at the museumís visitorsí center, the Atwell Burr House located at 2N930 Garfield Road in Campton Hills, IL. The hike is $6 and will last until noon. For reservations call 630 584-8485 or contact