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LaFox History Newsletters 1988- 2013 Now Available

Campton Hills, IL: “The History of LaFox Newsletters 1988-2013” booklet is now available at Garfield Farm Museum. This is an addendum to the 1987 publication, “The History of LaFox, Illinois” compiled and written by LaFox area residents.

    After the 1987 publication of the 300 plus page book, a yearly picnic was held by the first authors in the LaFox area to gather news of the year. Lois Divine, the principal author and editor, now in her 90s, spearheaded the effort to document the area’s history. She and her volunteers poured over newspapers, local records and accounts to create a section on LaFox area events for every year since settlement. A second section included LaFox area organizations and their members and historic photographs. A third section was a listing of each house and farm in the LaFox vicinity and an account of the families who had lived in or on them. The newsletters provide more recent historical activity.

     A history of this type is anecdotal in nature.  As the region’s population grew, it became less and less possible to highlight all the people of the community so the effort reflects a passing of an era. Farms that were still in existence in 1987 are now suburban developments. Although to date the actual hamlet of LaFox is still a small community, the return of a commuter rail stop, the closing of Potter’s Store, and a proposed development of over 2000 households are all signs that a local account of this type cannot be produced again.

    Ms. Divine desires that the booklet benefit Garfield Farm Museum. Copies are $15 each and maybe reserved by contacting the museum at (630) 584-8485 or